The Gender Equity and Women Rights Program

Kesh Malek strategy focuses on society empowerment through women, by providing them with necessary tools to protect their rights and re-engage them as active members in society development. Proceeding from this aim the program’s projects were designed.



Kesh Malek is aiming through Kafwe project is to empower woman economically. By providing her with the necessary skills and experience to participate equally in the exciting market and the access to and control over functional sectors, away from stereotyping. As an attempt to close the gender gap in the job market.
Raeedat aims to support local women to be local leaders. Through empowering women to work within dissension-making roles, local administrative bodies, and local councils. The training covered the administrative skills needed to work in the local councils, as, Management, Governance, Human Resources, Data Collecting, Scientific research methodology, and Monitoring & Evaluation. In addition to the English language and computer skills. Besides working on activities that help them to build their personalities, and enhance their communication skills, teamwork, and leadership.
Kesh Malek started the ”Women Citizens’ Club” with aim to increase the political awareness and the representation of women in decision making levels. Kesh Malek started the Women Citizen Club in Maree, Kafarnaha, Abzemo, and Orem. Through Civic education program Kesh Malek focuses on values of democracy, citizenship, women political participation, secularism and civil state. The club objective to amplify the voice of women in both social and political life, and try to create a group of independent active women can make the change in their communities.

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