Human Rights

Kesh Malek believes that promoting and enshrining human rights is fundamental to achieving peace and justice in the future Syria. Stopping human rights violations and holding the perpetrators accountable for their crimes is a corner stone in any future solution in Syria, and we see believe that victims should by in a leading position in this process.

Ta’afi (meaning ‘recovery’ in Arabic) is victim oriented program launched by Kesh Malek in 2017, aiming to work with survivors of political detention and prisoners of conscience to support their reintegration into the community upon their release and settlement at a secure location. The program empowers them to continue to advocate for human rights change in Syria, to strive justice and accountability for detainees and those forcibly disappeared, and to build a network of solidarity between the victims to amplify their voices to achieve justice.

The program

Recovery & Reintegration

After their release, detainees usually suffer from the negative impact of imprisonment on their lives, affecting their health, psychology, legal status, and even professional future. Therefore, we work on the reintegration of the recently released detainees through developing an individualized plan for each survivor according to his/her needs, focusing on the following domains:

  • Housing: By providing housing for the recently released survivors through either community solidarity or covering housing rents.
  • Access to physical and mental health: By providing information about the access, location of these services and facilitating their access, through a referral system with specialized organizations and specialized centers.
  • Legal support: By providing survivors with the legal consultation or support if needed to improve their legal status in the hosting country.
  • Capacity Building: By supporting survivors to register in different training programs covering languages or some soft or technical skills they might need to go back to their careers.
  • Recruitment and academic support: By supporting survivors in developing their resumes and connecting them with different employers to get them job or internship opportunities, and for those who were not able to finish their academic education, working to get them scholarships to continue their study.
Human Rights Defenders Empowerment

Human Rights Defenders Empowerment: We support the survivors of detention with the knowledge and tools they need to be strong advocate for their cause, and empower them to continue their peaceful struggle for justice through a bundle of advanced training courses in advocacy, human rights and International Human Rights Law, transitional justice, creative writing, public speaking and storytelling.

Solidarity Network

Solidarity Network: One of the main messages of Taafi is building solidarity; therefore, it has created a network of over 100 survivors located inside and outside Syria, aiming to support each other and amplify their voices.


Advocacy: Kesh Malek works with other victim’s initiatives and human rights organizations to influence decision makers and increase survivors’ participation and representation in countering torture, forcible disappearance and holding perpetrators accountable for their crimes, through campaigns and other effective tools.

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