The Program

Kesh Malek believes the education is the first tool in social change and seeks to fill the gap in the education sector which is a result of the withdrawal of the Syrian regime and ISIS from the areas they were controlled.

Kesh Malek aims to create positive changes in the education and teaching definition in Syria, and developing its education policies based “Child’s Best Interest,” and the principles of child protection by promoting child rights, and enrich the values of democracy and freedom of speech in the children and the Syrian community in general. To reduce the negative war effects on the children, by providing psychosocial support for them, and providing a healthy atmosphere protects them for imposing any political or religious ideologies, and decreasing the risks of social and cultural isolation, neglect, violence and destructive behaviors produced by the war circumstances.

Kesh Malek works on upbringing a generation away from extremism, by raising the child and the family awareness, and conducting researches and studies related to education and child protection. And investing in children’s creative initiatives.

Accelerated Education
Formal Education
Child Protection Policies & Procedures.