Glimpse Magazine || May 2020

By May 31, 2020 June 8th, 2020 Kesh Malek Production, News

Glimpse is a Syrian magazine produced by Kesh Malek Organization, aims to shed the light on the Syrian Civil Society which was revived after the Syrian revolution in 2011, showing the civil initiatives and sharing inspiring stories led by grass-roots and civil society movement inside and outside Syria. Glimpse is envisioned to be a reliable resource for readers interested in knowing more about Syria, the history, the society, and the thousands-year-old civilization.

In May’s Issue

In the courses of the worldwide pandemic proliferation: How the Syrian civil society is responding to the Corona virus’s perils?! Click to read full story

Covid-19 ramifications: the surge of Gender-Based Violence in Syrian Click to read full story

Survivor’s struggle during the Covid-19’s lock-down: a mental dilemma Click to read full story

Working Remotely – New ways for people with special needs to participate in the Society.. Click to read full story

Yakeen Bido A female journalist awarded for coverage in Syria.. Click to read full story

Youth led awareness campaign “Covid-19”.. Click to read full story

Mobilizing and organizing the humanitarian efforts.. Click to read full story

Local Female physiotherapist Volunteer Initiative.. Click to read full story