A little bit about us

A group of youth that shared a common belief in the revolution of justice, freedom, and dignity and came together with the beginning of the Syrian revolution in March 2011. The group has worked, since the beginning, on the mobilization of protests and advocacy for the revolutionary values in the city of Aleppo in north of Syria. The group called itself “Kesh Malek: Checkmate” to resemble removing the king that inherited the rule in Syria “to Get the Syrian Republic Back”. Kesh Malek has engaged in the distribution of under-ground-awareness flyers and calls for protests, in addition to organizing advocacy campaigns that held political and revolutionary significance along with the present events.

In 2012, Kesh Malek moved to the eastern side of Aleppo after the liberation, where many activities were organized in partnership with the civil society that mainly focused on children.

In 2013, Kesh Malek opened an office in Gaziantep-Turkey, and obtained license as a Syrian civil society organization, stepping toward expanding and organizing its work.

In Kesh Malek, we believe that the Syrian revolution is the only mean of real change in Syria, in order to shift the state from a totalitarian regime and into a democratic state with no place for tyranny; A state that respects the rights of its citizens and establishes freedom and justice.

Our Vision

To build a civil democratic society and government in Syria that respects human rights, justice, citizenship, and the principle of Social and political pluralism.



To Get The Syrian Republic Back



To Get The Syrian Republic Back

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