The revolution of love.. under bombardment

By March 11, 2020 August 24th, 2020 Stories From Idlib

All the lights were suddenly turned off, I didn’t know what was happening. Often Usually when the electricity is off in different time than its normal schedule, it means that it is the beginning of shelling. But this time there was none. Suddenly my friends entered the room surprising me in the sheer darkness with a cake lighted with candles to celebrate my birthday. I guess it was the best birthday celebration I’ve ever had in my life because it happened during these unprecedented circumstances, we are living in in Idlib. That day, I felt that despite everything, shelling, death, displacement… but there are still people who care for me and my happiness, and celebrating the day came to this world. How nice is that!

I had a friend named Amjad, his present was pretty special! It was tulip flower, the kind of flowers that I love the most! I was surprised how he knew that it was my favourite as I had never told him that at all. Actually, it was not tulip’s season, it does not even grow in our area at all, but Amjad brought me artificial ones J, but for me they were more beautiful that the natural ones.

That day Amjad told me that he likes me, I was surprised, shy and mumbled at the beginning, not knowing what to say back! Honestly, I liked him too! I had the courage and shared my feelings too, and here is where our story began, it was the sweetest story…

We got married a while ago. Many asked us wondering, who gets married now?! in these circumstances?! My answer to them was with love anything can happen, with love we become stronger… We deserve to live and have our own family like anyone else in this world! At least we will have a shoulder to lay head on when we are tired…

In spite of the bombardment, we organized a wedding party… life has to continue… our happiness and insistence to carry on life together is stronger than their brutality!

Our wedding was mind-blowing, we were full of happiness that we shared it with our close friends. The special thing about the party was that the invitees were from all the Syrian provinces, which is how Idlib is really like nowadays. Idlib used to be a normal province before, but now it is our loving mother who embraced Syrians from all over the country after they were forced by the Assad regime and its Russian and Iranian allies to leave their original hometowns. Amjad himself was displacement with his family and moved to Idlib, the loving mother…

We did not believe that we are together. Three days after the wedding, Amjad asked me in laughter, “Who am I? Who are you? Where are we?” we felt that we are living in a dream. Love makes people crazy and that is what we were!

In my wedding, I wished many people to be with us. But as all Syrians, my sister, brother, relatives and many other friends are scattered all over the world, but in spite of that they made it, and manged to attend the wedding with us, via Skype!

Recently, the Syrian regime took control over the village where I was born and lived my whole life. Our return became impossible. I was in utter distress, but on that day Amjad told me that, “Maybe you lost your land, homeland, but now you have a new homeland in my heart”

A few days ago, Amjad and I decided to leave this country and try to seek asylum anywhere abroad, because we are no longer able to continue while our lives became under extreme danger. Unfortunately, the Turkish borders are closed now, but we are persistence to leave as long as the bombing and death are ongoing.

Even if we leave one day, we will carry on working and helping Syrians to withstand and make their voices heard everywhere. Maybe we cannot stop armies, but we might save people’s lives, even one live! That is the least any of us can do…

Hanen Al Saayd- Idlib.