A Candle to Remember

Back When we were in prison, we’re wishing that people would act in order to release us, stop the torture, or improve detention conditions, now we are out, free, and it is our turn to act for those who are still there.
We will light a candle to tell detainees and victims of torture that we didn’t forget, and we will never do.
Each candle represents life, dream, and aspiration.
We lit a candle for every victim of detention, Because every victim is our compass, that shines in the darkness of injustice we live in, and charges us with the energy to continue to achieve justice and to hold criminals accountable, to get to A Syria without torture and secret detention centers.
It is our turn to stand together to say enough for injustice, for torture, and most importantly, enough detention!

Short film A Candle to Remember

“A candle to Remember” short film by Taafi & Kesh Malek, as part of the team working on this campaign, this film was one of the most difficult issues we worked on in Kesh Malek. An exhausting feelings nothing can describe, but our friend Hiba from Taafi team summarized it in few words:
“I’m hearing my own voice, feeling sorry for myself. I’m interacting strangely as if I’m listening to another person and touched by the story. Deeply wanting to hug her, and support her, and still unable to understand that this person is me…”


The daily details lived by the detainees in the Syrian Regime’s prisons are not less violative to their most essential human rights than the documented torturing techniques documented in yo be used in these detention centers.
In this video, one of the survivors talks about the details and sufferings she faced in her detention experience, few details that show small part if what the Syrian women, and even young girls face in the Syrian intelligence centers

A Study By Ta'afi

The impact of detention on survivors’ relationship with public Affair

This study attempts to understand the impact of the detention experience on
survivors’ relationship with public affairs in terms of interest and engagement. For
this purpose, research material was collected on the experiences of 200 male and
female survivors from the Syrian regime’s detention centers, and was analyzed
along three tracks:
The first is a comparative analysis of the respondents’ relationship with public
affairs before and after the outbreak of the protests in the country.
The second is a comparative analysis of the same relationship before and after the
The third track included a correlational analysis of the most prominent subjective
and objective variables that are likely to play a role in maximizing or minimizing
the impact of the experience on the survivors.

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Survivors Voices

Each candle represents a victim of torture in Syrian dentition centers.
Each candle expresses the hopes, dreams, and a life kidnapped by criminality and repression.
Each candle to assure we didn’t and will not forget, to assure we will ever remember their pain and hear their screams.


المعتقلون أولا" #شمعة_لنتذكر_المعتقلين

Posted by Nawar Bulbul on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

لما شعّلت الشمعة و طفيت الضوء استعداداً لالتقاط الصورة، إجت عيني باللهبة، تذكرت فوراً أن الشمعة هي إحدى أهم وسائل تعذيب...

Posted by Fares Helou on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

ما نسيناكم... وبكل لحظة انتم معنا... ونحنا والحرية والحياة ناطرينكن #شمعة_لنتذكر #ACandle_ToRemember

Posted by ‎عبدالحكيم قطيفان K.T‎ on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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