Glimpse Magazine || March 2020

By March 20, 2020 April 23rd, 2020 Kesh Malek Production

Glimpse is a Syrian magazine produced by Kesh Malek Organization, aims to shed the light on the Syrian Civil Society which was revived after the Syrian revolution in 2011, showing the civil initiatives and sharing inspiring stories led by grass-roots and civil society movement inside and outside Syria. Glimpse is envisioned to be a reliable resource for readers interested in knowing more about Syria, the history, the society, and the thousands-year-old civilization.

In March Issue

Memory saving – Substantial element to address Syrian’ suffering in their pursuit of redress and accountability. Read full story

The possible or impossible upheaval – The Syrian Revolution through the eyes of the youth. Read full story

Overlooked battle – The Battles that have not been fought stands on the books’ shelves. Read full story

Education in North Syria – Preparatory programs targeting dropped off children to help them return to school. Read full story

Historical Glimpse on Syrian civil society – Al-Assad Rule. Read full story

There is always a way to succeed – Female Community leader’s Experience in Idlib