Rebirth of an artist out of Idlib’s ashes

By July 8, 2019 March 20th, 2020 Stories From Idlib

Painting is my passion and hobby; however, the old-fashion customs and traditions of our community stopped me from continuing my painting practice. I couldn’t regularly exercise my hobby nor evolve my drawing ability when I was young. When I grew up and become an independent woman, I could resume this missing part of my life in which was a massive challenge for me.

Painting became all my life… long days and hours I spend behind the paper drawing with no tiredness nor exhaustion, 12 hour a day with my paintbrush gives me a sensation that Painting is what I crave to do in life, it is my choice, drawing is my ultimate fate, with art I found meaning to my life again.
Living here in Syria gives me the advantage to see everything, to be close to the everything that happens and give my opinion on it throughout Painting so the world can see and hear our agony and helplessness in north Syria.

Most of my paintings reflect my sensations and feelings at the moment of drawing my artistic picture, I usually get motivated by particular event occurred around, or criticism of politicians, or inspired by the pain and suffering that we are living in Syria in a daily bases.
Not so long ago, displaced families arrived in our town from Kafar-roma village of Idlib rural. They couldn’t prepare Eid sweets nor buy new clothing for their children because of the intensive shelling in their village. They were sadly deprived of enjoying the Eid. For other people, Eid and holidays all over the world are to celebrate and spend joyful time with the family, but here in Syria, it becomes a tragic scene.

In spite of having all my family member alive in one house, unlike many families, bombing still has its impact on me. Even I am not with the people under the shelling, I feel for them, and my heart is broken for what they are going through. I feel helpless and in need to act and do something to help those families and victims, all their guilt was to be born Syrian! in the end, all I can eventually do is drawing a picture illustrating their agony and suffer and mine, hoping that I will deliver their voice outside Syria! I think if everyone believing in noble humanity values supported us as they can, we wouldn’t be in this situation.
Despite everything that happened, I still believe in the Syrian revolution and the need to carry on our path until we achieve our free Syria! I hope death and killing stop one day soon so everyone can see how cruel the reality is here and how catastrophic it looks like in Idlib.

I hope to be capable of sending people around the world the message that I truly believe in. I once took part in a gallery show in Netherland, and another one in the U.K which both made a good impression about Syria and what is going on here. I hope to be able one day to do similar exhibition around the world, and also here In Idlib my city in the public street without fearing Assad-Putin warplane attacks!  A gallery show in Idlib where my painting skills and potential was born and grown to reach remote counties around the globe.