Involving the local community in the political life

By January 17, 2020 News

Since the beginning of the year, Kesh Malek Organization conducted discussion and awareness raising workshops, followed by focus group discussions about the political process in Syria since 2011 until now. The workshops and discussions took place in Ourem Alkoubra, Kafarnaha, and Abzemo, in North-West Syria, and Marea’ North Syria. The workshops followed by the intensive discussion sessions aimed to raise the awareness of the civilians in the North-West and North Syria about the political events and milestones in Syria during the last 9 years and providing an open space for constructive discussions and debates.

It is easy to notice the sense of marginalized the civilians feel in those areas, as the civilians there believes that they are not represented in the political process, and neither their opinions are even heard. This marginalizing led to lack of interest about the whole process despite its impacts directly on their daily lives. And adopting negative opinions towards the overall political process, which was considered by a large part of them as stalling tool by the international community to eliminate the remaining opposition areas ad Nour 23 years university student said.

Ola is 24 years old teachers echoed Nour and added “If the constitutional committee was not imposed internationally (by the United Nations), it is impossible for it to have a decision or influence in favor of the Syrian revolution”

The lack of representation was not the only concern for the people during the discussions, but also the direct influence of Russia the main ally for the Syrian regime on any political process taking place, gives a significant negative impression, as Hasan from Kafarnaha mention “If the Constitutional Committee worked without pressure, its work might bear fruit, but I believe Russia greatest supporter of the regime has the greatest influence on it. Even Turkey’s influence is very limited, so in my opinion, its work will definitely benefit the regime”.

As the talks are increasing internationally about the constitutional committee the subject has its share of discussion during our workshops, Anas one of the participants describing his opinion regarding the committee “In fact, we need a constitution, but do we need it now? The answer is no. The reason is that the previous constitution is a constitution designed to reinforce dictatorial rule and does not guarantee all rights and freedoms. It is not appropriate for us in general, but nevertheless it is not the right time for the constitution, and we need a new structure for the state and the army to ensure the application of the constitution”.

While Rima had different view of the whole process “What the political process has reached, and making the committee the summarization of the Syrian cause is aiming to replace the original demands of the Syrians in toppling the regime and hold it accountable, to replace the constitution”

The project came as part of Kesh Malek work to encourage the active participation of the local communities in the political events, and to reduce the trust gap between local civilians and the political steps taking place around them.