Human Rights Situation in occupied Syrian Golan

By April 23, 2019 July 5th, 2019 News

Driven by of our duty to stand with the Syrian’s rights, and number of civil society organizations, Kesh Malek teamed participated with 65 other NGOs in a joint statement to support proper application international laws, which stand for the rights of the free nations on their lands which what the US violated by recognizing Isreali sovereignty on Syrian soil.
The listed NGOs signed this manifesto denouncing the US’s immoral policy which alleged to support the freedom of nations while illegitimately acting in the Syrian case breaking the international laws by acknowledging Golan heights as part of the Israeli occupation. The US must withdraw their recognition and stand instead beside the Syrian anguish and act to diminish their affliction, not taking advantage of it to earn political support where they have no rights nor lands that belongs to them.

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