The Project

After the revolution in 2011, all governmental institutions receded from the liberated areas, leaving hundreds of thousands of civilians to administer their areas autonomously, as a result, a large gap in the administration and service were created in these areas. Therefore local councils and organizations started to emerge in order to fill the gap.

Female Pioneers institution


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Aims to apply the principles of gender equality in workplaces by empowering women to work in local councils. Kesh Malek organization works on preparing the institute in Western Aleppo suburbs to become a safe space for women. A 1year training will be given to 25 women in several administrative fields, in addition to several other legal, political, and woman awareness activities. Additionally, there will be a financial support for participants to cover the costs of transportation, as women will spread on at least 10 geographic points.

Strengthening civic engagement

Aims to increase the interest and engagement of local communities in public affairs, and expand the monitoring role on local governance structures. Kesh Malek organization works on conducting periodic meetings between local councils and the different components of local communities.


Supporting civil society organizations


Aims to Empower and support the local community by, supporting grass-roots civil organizations/initiatives/charities in Western Aleppo suburbs.

Establishing unions and syndicates

Aims to Support the local community and advocacy groups. The project will work on establishing and supporting four unions and syndicates two of them were decided: A union for handicaps, and a union for the families of detainees.